People that have travel into Georgia before likely gone to many of the major cities. Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, and Sandy Springs are some of the largest in the state. There is a smaller community that is called Marietta which is not too far from Atlanta that you should consider visiting. If you are traveling with your family, there are a couple reasons why your kids will absolutely love this destination. Here are the two activities that you should do once you get there, plus a few others just to make your trip complete.

Six Flags White Water

When children get to a waterpark, they become very excited. You will see that wonderful look on their face that typically occurs when they see an amazing waterpark. This has pools they can swim in, slides, and excellent places to get snacks. They can spend all day there, and is perfect for when you are traveling during the hot summer months. There are many new things including the Wahoo Racer which has become a popular attraction. There are six tubes, and a water toboggan that goes at high speeds. They also have Dive Bomber which is the tallest waterslide that has ever been at this facility. These are just a few things that they will enjoy while they are at this waterpark.

Project Escape And The Escapery

These two attractions are very unique for a couple different reasons. They are very challenging, providing your kids with many games that they can play. If your kids are very adept at solving problems, they will certainly have the time of their lives. Some of the activities that these locations will include games called Exposure and the Knight’s Quest. It is not just designed for young children, but teenagers as well. You can actually work in teams. It is both emotionally challenging and intellectually stimulating, making it fun for the entire family.

When traveling to Georgia, instead of staying in Atlanta, definitely consider heading up to Marietta. It’s really not that far away from the main city, and once you are in your room, you can begin to plan the days where you will go to these destinations. It will be a fun filled trip that will allow them to get wet, and also solve these amazing problems, provided by these two unique businesses in Marietta.