People that travel to Georgia often stay in Atlanta without realizing that there are other places they can visit. One of the best destinations is a place called Marietta, just a few minutes north of Atlanta. You could actually stay there if you wanted to. They have many different hotels that you can stay at at discounted prices. There are also activities that you can do if you are visiting. These are the many tourist attractions that you can take advantage of if you get a chance to stay in Marietta Georgia on your next vacation.

Marietta Food Tours

The food tours that are available in Marietta are exceptional. They will allow you to sample some of the best cuisine for miles. You will be catered for hours, taken to different locations, courtesy of the impeccable tour guides. It’s a great way to spend an evening, and it is highly recommended that you come hungry. It’s a great way to try out different types of food, and enjoy the company of people just like you, that want to have a great time.

Red Hare Brewing Company

Instead of pursuing the different types of food that are available, you might want to consider sampling different types of beer. There are some of the most fantastic beer that is made in this one location. Even if you are not a fan of regular beer, these are definitely unique. They have a distinctive flavor, plus you get to keep a commemorative glass that you will keep with you for years.

Ghosts Of Marietta

Another fun thing that you can do is go on a ghost town with people in the city. If you don’t mind walking, and you also don’t mind great stories and getting scared, this is the tour for you. You will get a little bit of history about the location, and understand why they believe certain areas are haunted. It gives you a close and personal view of these many locations that may have ghosts that you may be able to detect while you are on this tour.

Marietta Georgia should be on your list of places to visit if you are traveling through the state of Georgia. It has quite a bit to offer in terms of fine food, beverages, and exciting tours that will take you into the late evening hours. If you haven’t had time to spend in Marietta, it’s time that you did. Start looking for hotels, and also book some of these tours, that will help you enjoy your time even more.